5 Easy Ways To Style A White Turtleneck

Weekly style guide: easy tricks to style a white turtleneck

Turtlenecks: one of our favorite items in the winter, they are warm and incredibly fun to style. In this post I will show five ways to style a white turtleneck in a comfy and chic way.

1. Teddy Coat x Leather

Coat: deems.online 
Top : luxefashion.nl
Trousers: deems.online

2. Checkered Suit

Blazer: luxefashion.nl
Trousers: luxefashion.nl
Turtleneck: luxefashion.nl
Sneakers: Geox
Glasses: TIJN Eyewear

3. Camel Coat x White

Coat: luxefashion.nl
Turtleneck: luxefashion.nl
Trousers: deems-online
Sneakers: Geox

4. Camo x Leather

All items are from luxefashion.nl

5. Checkered Coat x Leather

Coat, turtleneck and trousers: luxefashion.nl
Boots: Geox
Sunglasses: D&G
Bag: Michael Kors

hese were just a few inspirations, the combinations with a white turtleneck are endless! In addition to the white turtleneck, my to-go winter must-haves are a leather look pants and a checkered coat or blazer. 

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  1. Very beautiful styling, your leather pants are wonderful.