Ever since I was a child I wore them: co-ords, in the past they were also called 'sets'. Designed to be worn together, but can also be combined separately because they often have an interesting pattern. Co-ords have been a trend for a while and they remain indispensable in fashion, I am a huge fan!
In the picture I am wearing a black and white tweed fabric co-ord set (ZARA) with fringes at the bottom. The pants have a three-quarter length that we see a lot this season, beautiful to wear with an open sandal heel, but for a day with lots of wind and chance of rain, I prefer to combine this with a panty and ankle boots. 

I have combined the outfit with these ankle sock boots (ZARA) with golden block heels, making them stable to walk on. I like them very much because of the zipper on the back. I have chosen to combine the top with a black silk blouse with long sleeves that is slightly longer at the front, to separate just a little bit between the set, which I found more playful in this case. I am wearing a silk scarf with a sort of chain pattern, which I have tied in the simplest way, for a subtle chic touch. the half-long black coat is always a good choice and in this case certainly because the co-ord is the attention grabber, I prefer to choose a basic coat (Benneton). 


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