What a great feeling when the sun shines again and the sky is clear blue after a period of rain! For this reason I chose to wear this leather biker jacket. This black biker jacket is very easy to combine for a casual look, it would be ideal on almost every pair of pants, I chose to wear a wool flared culotte pants and a black turtleneck top. The pants (ZARA) have a nonchalant / hippy look, wearing it in combination with the biker jacket makes it a tough youthful outfit. Since it is still winter, I definitely needed my leather gloves. The black leather bag that I hold here (Tommy Hilfiger), is just like any black handbag so easy to combine.  

A day with sun means a day with sunglasses! I love this round 70's sunglasses, they make me feel like it's already spring. I bought these sunglasses a couple of years ago at Parfois but there are a lot of this kind for sale. The round shape of the sunglasses is reflected in the pattern of my Calzedonia tights.

The warm scarf that I am wearing is indispensable if you wear a leather jacket in the winter.


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